Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Made a Glossi!

I made one of those discoveries that changes the way one thinks!  I (obviously) love the how the digital world makes it so easy to share my experiences and adventures with fiber art and share in the experiences of others - blogs, tutorials, e-books, websites, .... And being a fiber arts junkie, I love looking through books and magazines, dreaming about what I'll work on next.  And I gather way, way too much printed material - it's hard to organize and keep track of.  Enter, a new digital magazine website that is currently in its beta testing phase.  What sets Glossi apart from other sites that enable you to read magazines and catalogs online is that Glossi allows you to create your own magazines as well.  How cool!!  Yes, yes, I know that one can upload your own creations on other sites, however you need to get the publishing software on your own and most of them also charge fairly high yearly fees.  Right now, Glossi is free - you need an invitation to join (just request one and it arrives pretty quickly).

So I decided to make my own Glossi and test out just how easy it is.  Results?  It's amazingly easy!  There are a ton of templates you can use or make your own custom page.  I pretty much just used templates.

It's pretty intuitive to figure out how to use the tool bars - if you are used to working in Word, PowerPoint, or other similar programs you won't have a problem.

After a few hours of playing around, I had my own magazine finished!  I know - it's a pretty tiny one!

I can see great possibilities for sharing everything from artwork to photography (think family events and holidays!) to portfolios, student projects, ..... if any of you make your own Glossi, link to it in the comments below.  I'd love to see them!!

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Really cool. Can I have an invite please?

    1. Go to their website ( and click on the yellow rectangle in the upper right hand corner that says "Request an Invitation." After making the request, it took about 15 or 20 minutes before I got my invite!