Monday, March 11, 2013

Spinning, spinning, spinning ....

I've been spinning again and remember why I love it so .... it's one of those calming, repetitive pastimes that's almost meditative.  Very centering!  I just finished working with some gorgeous roving one of my sons and daughters-in-law gave me last year for my birthday.  It's a blend of merino wool and silk top in blues and grays with a touch of copper.

I wanted to get a couple of skeins out of it, so I also spun some natural colored merino and plyed them together.  And by spinning thin, a little fatter, thin and so one, I got a little bit more interesting yarn.

The second batch of plying is still drying on the niddy noddy - living in dry Arizona, I'm used to my yarn drying pretty quickly.  Well, it rained most of the weekend and the yarn's not dry yet!  

And I'm putting together a tutorial on making this PVC pipe niddy noddy - stay tuned!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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