Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snowflake Table Runner

I finally got around to putting the colorful snowflake table scarf together that I've been planning in my head for weeks!  The inspiration for this idea came from a project my daughter in law had for my granddaughter over Christmas - and it looked so fun, we all joined in painting cut out snowflakes with liquid water colors.  

Once I finally figured out how to get the snowflakes right (see here), it was just a matter of cutting them out from various ice-dyed fabrics I have.  I ironed Steam a Seam II Lite onto the backs of the pieces of fabric and then traced around my snowflake pattern on the front.  After cutting them out, I arranged them on a long piece of cotton and ironed them in place.

Then I zigzagged around the snowflake edges with a very small stitch and hemmed the cotton, mitering the corners.  And that's it - time consuming to do all the zigzag stitching, but easy!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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