Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday - definitely a Monday!

There I was all excited to get going on my crazy quilted silk pieces and wham!  Reality hit.  After having emergency dental surgery on Friday, I will be recuperating this week and don't anticipate writing any posts.  Or probably even doing anything fiber art related that I want to turn out nicely, since my brain seems to be on recuperation mode, also!  However, with all the new followers and subscribed readers lately, I thought it might be worthwhile to go back to some fall/Christmas projects from my first year of blogging.  I even found some I forgot about and want to make again!

If you need a quick Halloween craft, these felt puppets go together pretty quickly:  

And here's an embroidered squirrel pattern.  For some reason fall makes me think of squirrels!

I had a brief love affair with needle felting and made these tiny fall harvest vegetables.  My fingers seem to be totally healed now, so maybe I should try a few more!

If you're beginning to think of Christmas sewing, here's a fun way to use Christmas candy fabric in a table runner ...

... and crocheted granny stars that can be made in worsted weight or thread.

See you next week!  

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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