Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Vintage Embroidery

Lately, my net surfing has led me to some interesting and inspiring pieces of vintage embroidery.  Here are some that especially caught my eye.

When looking at this dress, it's hard to remember that it is hand embroidered and smocked.  In this day of machine worked fabric, it takes a bit for this to sink in!  This is for sale on DressingVintage - which says it was bought in 1929 for the owner's honeymoon.  I love this!

Can you imagine the hours of work that went into this French linen skirt from the 1790's?  It would have been worn under a jacket.  You can see more details on the Vintage Textiles website.


I've had a love/hate relationship with French knots since I first learned embroidery as a teenager!  I loved the way they looked, but the knots always eventually fell apart.  Usually sooner than later.  I'm currently in a good relationship with them and can definitely see this wisteria pattern in my future.  This 1920's cushion is for sale on Etsy here.

I've always had a fascination for Victorian era crazy quilts.  This one from the late 1800's has a gorgeous fan design!  I've been thinking about starting a Christmas themed crazy quilt - it'd be fun to work in a snowflake background with this type of design.  This quilt and several others can be seen at the University of Wisconsin's Design Gallery site.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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