Thursday, July 31, 2014

Christmas in July 2014 Christmas Ornaments - Part 1

With so much bird watching going on with Charlie this summer, the first part of this year's Christmas ornaments just had to be birds!  These are three in Christmas colors, same pattern, different embellishments.

*green, white, yellow, and red felt
*green, white, red, and black embroidery floss or perle embroidery cotton
*6 large red beads
*2 large clear, silver lined beads
*small yellow silver lined beads
*small clear silver lined beads
*green, white, and red 1/8 in satin or grosgrain ribbon
*pattern found here

Cut two bird pieces and two wing pieces each from the green, white, and red felt.

Holly Bird:

Cut two holly leaves from green felt and free hand six small circles from red felt.  Sew a holly leaf to each white wing with a blanket stitch and a running stitch down the center.  Attach the berries with one stitch in the middle.  Make sure you have each wing pointing the correct way on each side!

Attach wings to each side of the red bird shapes with a blanket stitch.  Sew one large red bead onto each holly berry.  Make a french knot eye on each side of the bird.

Attach the two bird sides together using a blanket stitch and inserting a looped 12 inch piece of ribbon on the top.

Snowflake Bird

Attach a red wing to each side of the white bird shapes.  Embroider a simple snowflake on each side and add a few french knots.

Add a small clear silver lined bead to the end of each snowflake point and sew a large clear silver lined bead in center of each snowflake.  Add a french knot eye to each side.  Sew the two sides together as above.

Star Bird

Cut out two yellow stars and sew one to each green wing using a running stitch.

Attach wings to the each green bird shape.  Add a french knot eye to each side.

Sew yellow silver lined beads in a cluster in the center of each star.  Attach the two bird sides together as above.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of your Christmas felt ornament collection. It is fun to work with felt when making keepsake ornaments!