Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Reversible Quilted Sunflower Potholders

 Hmmm .... what do you do with a bunch of leftover batik?  I have quite a bit of leftover fabric from the batik strips I used for the quilted sunflower table runner, so I thought I'd try a sunflower potholder!

*scraps of sunflower colored fabric
*small piece of Insul-brite

1.  Using the instructions on the quilted sunflower table runner post, make two Dresden Plate sunflowers using a 3.5 inch template.  Iron flat.

2.  Lay one of the sunflowers on a piece of Insul-brite and trace around the edges, being careful not to get any ink on the flower.

3.  Cut out the flower shape you traced, cutting about 1/4 inch in from the drawn edge.

4.  Place Insul-brite flower on the wrong side of one sunflower.  Trim the Insul-brite as needed to have it be about 1/4 inch in from the edge of the sunflower.

5.  Pin the other sunflower on top (right side out), matching the points of the petals .

6.  Cut a 1.25 x 4 inch piece of fabric.  Make a tube, place the ends together to form a loop as shown below, and pin onto the point of one petal.

7.  Quilt as in Step 10 of the table runner.  Quilt from the side you like best - most likely the back won't be quite as nice as is the front!  Make two centers as in Step 8, pin one to each side, and hand applique on.

8.  Free motion quilt the centers as in Step 11.  And you have your pot holder done!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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