Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Inspiration - Spring Color Palettes

Here are some Northwest spring color palettes.

Palettes generated by Big Huge Labs.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Knitting

I've been enjoying some beautiful spring weather in the Northwest, playing with Charlie, and finishing up a couple of knitting projects!

The first is a tunic/dress I made for Charlie, Sebago Cove by Alicia Plummer.  I made a few changes:
- I used four colors of yarn to give a bit of color grading, from top down Mica (followed the pattern for the top section), Hosta Blue (5 inches), Kelp (5 inches), and Turquoise (see below) in Madelinetosh DK.
- Instead of switching to the smaller needle for the bottom section (it pulls the dress in), I stayed with the size 8 to keep more of an A-line.  I did switch to size 6 for the sleeves.
- Using the woven stitch for the whole turquoise section looked too heavy to me, so I continued on in stockinette for 4 inches and then did one inch of woven stitch before the two rows of ribbing.  In order to keep the eyelet pattern on the sides in the additional stockinette without continuing to increase, I did "fake" increases - ssk, yo, k2, sm, k2, yo, k2tog.

The second is Adrienne Krey's Portland Hoodie Cowl in the Rain colorway of Madelinetosh Chunky.  Madelinetosh Chunky is really more of an aran weight yarn, so I had to go up to a size 11 needle to get the gauge right.  This made a looser fabric than a true chunky yarn would have, but as I want this for spring weather and those summer days at the beach when a cold wind's whipping in off the Pacific, it's perfect.  It turned out very soft and snuggly!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Inspiration - Alice Springs Beanie Fest

Here in the Northern hemisphere, with the cold weather winding down, I imagine many are looking forward to putting away the winter hats until next fall.  However, in the Southern hemisphere, cold weather approaches .... and what better way to get ready for it than a festival that celebrates that essential piece of winter wear, the beanie!

If you're in Australia, this year's Beanie Fest in Alice Springs will be held from June 19 - 22.  There is a lot of information about activities and venues on the website here.

Even if you're not close enough to go join in the fun, be sure to take some time to look through the winning beanies from the last several years - they range from hilarious to beautiful!  You just might be inspired to start working on a creation for next winter.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dyeing Doilies

With my sewing machine still in the repair shop, I'm getting caught up on several other fiber projects I've had sitting around for awhile!  After a two day Goodwill shopping spree, I gathered several crocheted doilies and table runners with the plan of dying them.

Most of these were marked down to $1.00 and were in great condition except for a few spots and some questionable colors.

The spots are no problem - the dye covers them easily.  

The questionable colors are sometimes challenging!  After starting off dying the white and off-white ones, I tackled the long variegated yellow/orange piece.  Dye is transparent, so the color is affected by whatever color the piece you're working with already has.  My hope with this one was that the blue I used (Blueberry) would be dark enough to cover the lighter yellow spots and that the orange areas would be brown, leaving it a variegated blue/brown.  I got the first part of my wish, but instead of the orange areas turning brown they turned an odd greenish brown.  You never know with dying!  So this is likely destined for the dark brown or black dye pot.

I used Procion Dyes from Dharma Trading Company and basic dying instructions are in a past post here.  For this piece, I used Terracotta ....

..... this one Yucca ....

.... this one Kingfisher Blue ....

.... and this one has a story!  I wanted a darker rose color, tried Rose Red - nope, much too bright.  So I removed it from the dye bath pretty quickly and tried a few quick dunks Light Mist with some shirts I was dying.  Even worse!  A third try in Clear Sky gave me a nice blue, so I'm happy now.

Happy Creating!  Deborah