Monday, July 7, 2014

Work on the Sewing Room

After finishing the quilted sunflower runner last week, I took some time off from sewing to work on finishing up getting the sewing room in shape.  Thank goodness for IKEA!  You'll see why ....

We added in a work desk and craft storage drawers for Charlie (from IKEA).  As you can see, she's already been making good use of them!

I used IKEA organizers for the drawer under the sewing machine counter.  Looks like I have room to add more tools and goodies!

And in a burst of inspiration, added these magnetic containers (of course from IKEA) to store safety pins, curved quilting safety pins, and straight pins to the side of the cupboards next to the sewing counter.  I'm excited about this - it'll be so easy to just grab a tin and get to work!

The other project in the sewing room amazingly did not come from IKEA!  Believe it or not, there was not one electrical outlet above the sewing machine counter.  So, one hole drilled in the counter later, there is now a power strip that connects via extension cord to the outlet under the counter.  Problem solved!

I'm working on one more organizing project for thread that I'll share a tutorial on just as soon as it's finished.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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