Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Inspiration - Thoughts on Creativity

It's been quite a week .... computer problems and travel have kept me absent from the blog, but have given me time to think about what to work on next, what direction to go in!

We were in New Hampshire last weekend for the graduation of our daughter-in-law and one of the speakers was Hugh Herr.  Wonderfully inspiring!  And he has a story that moves from unimaginable tragedy to amazing accomplishments.  You can read about it here - I wouldn't be able to do the story justice in a few paragraphs!

Something he said stuck with me .... "To be creative, you have to believe in something that doesn't yet exist."  I often ponder what creativity is.  Is it something inborn, a gift, or a practice that can be developed.  When I was teaching middle school art, it was easy for some of my students to put their ideas into words and sketches, easy for them to explain where they were going with their work.  And for others, the process of moving their ideas from their thoughts to paper was long and scary.  I can see how believing in that idea that didn't yet exist may have been the difference.  The confidence to know you can bring that idea to life. 

I love wandering through yarn and fabric stores .... all those possibilities just waiting to be worked on!  I can see many more pieces than I'll probably ever have time to bring to existence.  But they're still there, they exist.  

A few months ago I had an idea for a knit blanket based on a Southwest serape.  As I've been working on it, it's been exciting to see it come to life, into existence.  When it's finished, I'll definitely post the instructions here!

So back to the question on what creativity is, I believe it's a practice.  Which means you need to practice taking those ideas and believing in them even if they don't yet exist. 

I'll be taking some time off of blogging to spend some time with family and will see you all again week after next. 

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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