Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Inspiration - Frost and Natalia Margulis

We've had a few magical mornings here this week - those days when you wake up to a sparkling, glittery fairy land of sun and heavy frost!  True, it does make things a bit slippery, but oh so beautiful.

I've been looking at Natalia Margulis' work since last summer and the more I look, the more I'm amazed.  While I like realistic fiber work and tromp l'oeil, her pieces take these genres to a new level!

Fine Ice

It's really easy to believe one's looking at a photograph, but everything is hand and machine embroidered with a variety of materials, including hand dyed ribbons and fabrics.

Patriotic Devotion

Her textures are amazing!

Laces at the Curb

Be sure to look at all her work (there's lots!) on her website here.  It's definitely worth a leisurely look with a cup of something hot!

Happy Creating!  Deborah



  1. Frost and ice make the most coolest pics. I love playing around with the camera when we get that.

  2. Pam - I replied to your comment on the embroidered Christmas sweaters and something happened, erasing both of our comments! I'm so sorry! Maybe they'll turn back up. I also loved to embroider on my jeans as a teenager!