Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Spiral Cowl/Hood

I started the New Year with a dedication to do as much knitting as possible using only yarn from my stash ... there are a few things (um, yarns) that are conspiring to thwart me on this, however!  I'm sure you'll be seeing those in the not too far future.

Still, after cleaning up and organizing all my yarn, I found the leftovers from the knitted dress I made Charlie last spring.  Perfect for a knit-a-long I wanted to join!  The pattern is Keri Mckiernan's Spiral Cowl which is available free here.  

I made a few changes on mine:

-  I made the cowl longer so it can pull up to be a hood by doing 15 repeats of the 7 row lace pattern, 3 repeats of each color.

-  to make it a "mindless" knit (don't have to think much or count rows/stitches), I added one stitch before starting the lace section and then knitted two together to get back to 128 stitches at the start of the first row after the lace section - that way one can just keep knitting around and around without counting rows or following a chart.

- to keep the eyelets on the smaller side, I knit in the back of each slipped stitch instead of in the front like usual.

The instructions suggest that you might want to do a provisional cast on - definitely do it!  If you don't, you'll be trying to pick up little purl stitch bumps when you work on the picot edging.  I like to do a crochet provisional cast on - this site has good instructions on the technique.

This was a really fun knit and I plan on making another that's shorter!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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