Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autumn Scarf

In our area, the predominant color in autumn is golden yellow - the red and orange leaves are more of accents.  So when the sun comes out, everything glows!  

Last summer I found a yarn that so reminded me of Northwest autumns that I had to stash some away for a fall project.  If you've never knitted with Pashmina before, it's a wonderfully soft yarn made from merino, silk, and cashmere.  This scarf uses a stitch I found while searching through patterns from the 1950's.  I haven't been able to find a name for it - but it's super easy and makes a good project for those times when you don't want to be paying full attention to your knitting.

*1 skein Madelinetosh Pashmina in Candlewick
*size 5 needles

Cast on 46 stitches.

Row 1:  This is a k1, p1 rib all the way across.  *k1, p1* repeat to end of row.
Row 2:  Repeat row 1
Rows 3 and 4:  Knit to end of the row.

Repeat these four rows until the scarf is the length you want it to be.  End with Row 2 and then bind off.

Happy Creating!  Deborah


  1. Have seen it called a ridged rib stitch and also a grid stitch. Love, love this color. Just finished the pattern Gyre in Tosh Light in candlewick. Such a great fall color. Would like to make something with the pashmina sometime soon.

    1. Thank you! I was hoping that it would look familiar to one of my readers!

  2. Where were you searching through knit patterns from the '50s? If online, can you give us the URLs? Thanks in advance.

    1. This is my favorite site for vintage patterns: