Monday, January 5, 2015

On Beginnings ...

The first Monday is one of my favorite days of the year ... a new year is beginning, with all its wonderful possibilities stretching out before me!  Anything I wanted to get done last year and didn't, I've pretty much let go of.  All my plans for this year are still fresh and totally possible!  

In honor of new beginnings, I'm starting on a project I bought a couple of months ago and have been anxiously gazing at since.  I bought Dream In Color's November 2014 yarn and pattern kit for a gorgeous hat and fingerless gloves set - it looks quite complicated, but the teaser for it promised it would be much easier to work than it looked.

The yarn is a beautiful hand painted chocolate-raspberry color - I can almost taste it!

So far, it's only slightly stretching my skills and this is exactly where I want to be knitting, just on the edge.  And I may just sit here all day knitting away, still in my beginning of a project rapture!

A quick Google search shows the yarn/pattern kit is still available at several online yarn shops and the pattern is here on Ravelry.

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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