Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Marjorie Johnson's Fiber Collages

I've been in love with fiber collages ever since the my third grade teacher brought in piles of fabric scraps and lace, showed us a couple of examples, and turned us loose!  I don't remember what my whole creation looked like, but I do remember it included a black velvet skunk.

I recently discovered the fiber collage work of California artist Marjorie Johnson.  What I really love about her artwork is how it's inspired by stories, often of travel and is worked from photographs.  What a great use for all those vacation photos that end up hardly ever being looked at!

Tuscan Sunset - a story landscape about a Tuscan village.

Milky Way - with hundreds of beads sewn on.

Take a look at her website here for more peeks at her gallery and also a list of where you can see her work in person.  I noticed she'll be at several fibers/craft shows this summer and fall around California.  Be sure to check out her clothing and bags - again, inspired by stories, travels, and photos.

So as you take pictures on your own travels and vacations this summer, think about how you can use them as inspiration for a fiber piece you'll be able to use and that will remind you of this summer!

Happy Creating!  Deborah

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